Mood Analyzer

Get actionable insights from your call recordings, faster and at a lower cost

Delegate 'call recording listens' to our AI, and review 100 calls in 20 minutes. Your team gets communication coaching, and you reach KPI goals faster.

40% reduction in number of calls to review

60% reduction in total listening time

Empower your organization with actionable insights

  • A typical human reviewer can manage 3 hours of quality listening time daily.
  • Randomly selecting calls to review, leads to missing numerous valuable insights.
  • mirro pre-selects insightful calls and tags the “key moments” within the call.
  • mirro provides a report with key moment snippets and coaching tips, which the reviewer can quickly send to team as training material.

Powerful AI communication coach at a fraction of the cost

  • Call scenarios: Sales Calls, Support Calls, and Interviews.
  • All languages: mirro works on voice tones and analyzes all human languages and cultures.
  • Single file and batch support for
    varied media types: audio and video with audio.
  • Auto-generates training and coaching material for continuous improvement and progress tracking.